Vaccination Details

We require vaccinations in accordance with the recommended vaccination guidelines of the American Animal Hospital Association. For an easy to follow summary of the AAHA protocol, please click here

Vaccinations carry their own risks, so by keeping a well-ventilated and squeaky clean facility, dogs can lead healthier, happier lives if they only receive enough vaccinations to keep them protected and to encourage their immune systems to develop as naturally as possible.

Our recommendations

 Stay informed about the risks taken when administering “combo shots.” These may not only limit the immune response in your dog’s body, but can put them at higher risk for vaccine reaction. In addition, many of the included vaccines in combo shots are for diseases that have little to no presence in the San Diego area, but can be associated with many side effects, some of them permanent. Find out what exactly is in each vaccination, and whether or not your dog really needs it.

Only accept necessary vaccinations when your dog is HEALTHY. Do not vaccinate a dog who is at the vet due to a different condition just for convenience, as an ill dog is more at risk for adverse reaction.

You do not have to accept 1 year vaccinations after your dog’s first annual vaccination for Rabies, Distemper, or Parvo. You have the right to ask for 3 year vaccinations or to seek another place to receive them. To learn more about 1 year and 3 year vaccinations, click here. To learn more about the actual documented minimum length of immunity provided by a single Distemper or Parvo vaccination (5 years), click here