our story

Dog Days started in March 2010 when Jeff and Tammy made the move from Los Angeles to San Diego for their dog daycare start-up. They were passionate about the necessity of a positive and open care environment for today’s modern canine family members. As avid dog enthusiasts, they could not have chosen a better career to help care for and improve the lives of dogs.


The founders of Dog Days are not only dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for dogs, but also fulfilling their physical and social needs in a controlled and supervised facility with a team of nurturing pack leaders. Dogs are our number one priority and we love watching them build relationships with each other and learn about interacting in a pack atmosphere. That’s why our daycare and boarding program is based on socialization, with our experienced staff guiding and leading them. We keep track of everyone’s progress so we can keep you informed of your dog’s behavior. Any aggression to dogs or people is not tolerated. Our number one priority is safety, but our number one goal is the quality of each dog’s stay. We also want to change the way dog daycare professionals can make a living by giving them a chance to have actual careers in the dog care industry. This benefits the dogs as well as the people, as customers can always depend on reliable, knowledgeable caretakers who enjoy and take pride in their work.


Meet our team

The Dog Days Family! An eclectic mix of individuals, we came together and stay together because of our mutual love for dogs.




Tymisha is one of those unlucky individuals who have never had a dog of their own (but has cats!), yet loves to spend time with them. The intuition and empathy that dogs possess when it comes to their interactions with humans especially intrigues her. Hopefully one day she’ll meet the right pooch to share that bond with! Meanwhile, she uses her time at Dog Days to get her puppy fix and because of her “joint custody” perspective on your pups, they receive the most affectionate and meticulous of care at their home away from home.



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Daniel came to us with an impressive knowledge and experience of hunting dogs, including champion Earthdog titles with his two mighty miniature Dachshunds, who now reside with his parents. He loves to learn what makes each dog tick and the motivations of different breeds and mixes. Dog behavior and the canine mind is what interests him most, which is why the playrooms at Dog Days are the place for him! He is also incredibly athletic and we like to assign the most demanding 30 minute or 60 minute walks to him, as it’s always guaranteed he will bring each dog back happy and exhausted from a fun run on the streets of downtown!



Vanessa is just one of those people who was a magnet for doggy attention all her life and knew early on that she understood dogs on a different level than most people. Still, she tried out working in different fields before realizing that nothing would make her happier than to keep dogs the focus of her life and to devote her career to them. It doesn’t hurt that she gets to work with like-minded dog-obsessive people! Her canine family member is a little adorable toy poodle incongruously named “Pinchi Pinchi.” Look it up.



David is the man behind the curtain, as he performs all the various tasks in the back of the house that are necessary for providing your pets a clean, safe, loving environment! It was a necessary career change after getting burned out in the corporate and cutthroat world of sales. Every once in a while he gets caught on camera having a cuddlefest with your pups, because currently he does not have a dog in his own life. He does have a granddaughter hamster, a little rodent that belongs to his two adorable sons. One of these days they’re going to realize a hamster is no substitute for a dog, David, and that day is coming soon! Readers, if you’re interested in helping homeless dogs in need, please contact David at Hungrypaws@gmail.com. In 2016, he began running a non-profit organization to provide dog food and supplies for homeless pets in San Diego and Tijuana B.C. You are also always welcome to drop off donations in our lobby, as they will go directly to those dogs who need them!

"David, why do you like working at Dog Days?"

It gives me an opportunity to connect and build relationships with dogs. My job is never limited to one specific title, we are constantly switching positions, so it keeps us learning and productive, which makes the job exciting.



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Maggie, or Margaret when she’s in trouble, has been around dogs literally her entire life, as she was born in to a family that bred Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. It was only natural that she continue to work as an adult around the animals that she considers her family. She especially feels a connection to the shy, fearful, or simply strange dogs that come into our care and you will often find her working on a bond with them and coaxing them into her arms. While Maggie shares her life with a Cocaktiel and her mother-in-law’s Papillon (does that make Gidget your sisterdog-in-law, Maggie?) she does not have a dog of her own just yet. That’s something she’s actively working on, so stay tuned for a puppy addition to her family!

"Maggie, why do you like working at Dog Days?"

The focus on dog health and behavior is exemplary at DD. The staff is knowledgeable and harmonious -- I can always trust my co-workers to communicate with me and teach me new things each day. And many of our regulars have butt-wiggled their way into my heart as if they were my own.



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