**Note: All dogs must complete a Free First Day before being eligible for overnight boarding!**

Daytime and overnight care, meals, and medications are included in the cost per each 24 hour increment. Daycare costs apply for daytime care past the 24 hour mark on check-out day. We do not have a required check-in time, however we ask that you consider your dog’s familiarity with Dog Days while planning their stay with us. We always recommend an earlier check-in if your dog is not yet an overnight boarding pro, so they can get re-acclimated to our environment and have some playtime before bedtime.

If dogs are still present upon closing, they will be boarded for an additional night, with all charges (boarding, food, etc) at the expense of the owner.


The House Rules

  • Meals: all food must be packed into airtight containers and labeled with pet’s first and last name as well as the date you are dropping off. Ziploc bags, tupperwares, etc, are fine. Foods that must be kept refrigerated or frozen are acceptable.

    You are not required to separate food into individual portions. Sometimes that is just not practical, but when it is, we appreciate it.

  • The following foods and treats will not be accepted: Rawhides, greenies, cooked bones that are not soft, or any other foods known to be toxic to canines. We accept and encourage raw diets for dogs!

  • Approximate meal times are at 6am, 11am, and 4pm. Your dog is not required to be fed at all meals. Free-fed dogs will be offered food at all three mealtimes. If your special needs dog has serious health conditions and is required to be fed at a different time, just let a staff member know.

  • All dogs are fed individually and at their comfort level. Most of our clients are crate trained and feel more comfortable eating in a crate, but for those who are not, they are fed separately in an empty room with a human to keep them company.

  • If for some reason your dog does not have food or has run out, we will contact you to see if you would like to purchase food from our lobby store or use a house meal.  If we are unable to get in contact with you in time for your dog’s meals, you will be automatically charged for house food.

    House meals are $3 per meal and are made up of a top of the line, grain-free formula.

  • Dogs from the same family that are placed into different play groups will be placed together at night so that they can sleep together, as much as possible.

  •  Any additional items provided (food, leash & collar, toys, beds, blankets, etc) must be labeled with dog's name and last initial. Food should be in an air-tight, resealable container. 2 personal items (toys, beds, etc) are permitted, but can only be offered when separated from all other dogs.  We are not responsible for any lost items, so please don't pack your favorites!

Boarding Packages

Overnight boarding package gives you discounted nights of overnight boarding to be used at your convenience, reducing the price of each night.  Overnight boarding packages expire 365 days after the first night is used and are non-refundable and non-transferable to other services. Daycare costs apply for daytime care past the 24 hour mark on check-out day.

They can be applied to all dogs in a single household.

Peak Date Pricing

During Peak Dates, all overnight boarding services will be an additional $10/night.  These Peak Date prices apply to nightly, overnight boarding packages, and discounted/complimentary boarding.


2019 Peak Dates

Memorial Day 5/25-5/27

Independence Day 7/4-7/7

Labor Day 8/31-9/2

Indigenous Peoples Day 10/12-10/14 (formerly Columbus Day)

Thanksgiving Day 11/27-12/1

Christmas & New Years 12/21/19-1/1/20